Trading Contest

Confident with your trading skills? Come join the real FxCitizen Weekly Contest with total prizes up to 5000 USD monthly. The Contest will be held twice monthly and takes 2 weeks long period for you to find your way to increase your gains. 100 USD of real fund is needed to join the contest for a single account, clients may join the contest with multiple accounts or several times during the contest period, but hedging strategy to purposely boost the winning for particular account from the loss of other account is not allowed. In order to be fair to all, all the participants will be going to compete with the same amount of capital only, with 10% bonus added, any deposit or withdraw made during the contest period will auto disqualify the participant from the Contest but account can be trade normally as Standard Account. The Equity of the Contest Account will carried forward after the Contest ends and converted to Standard Account for normal trading.

Trading Condition: Capital 100 USD; Leverage 1:500; 10% Bonus; Non-Swap; 4-digit Forex pairs only, min order size 0.1 lot, max order size 100 lot; Stop Out level 30%; EA allowed

Prize Table

Ranking Cash Prize Margin Bonus
1000 USD
10 %
500 USD
10 %
300 USD
10 %
200 USD
10 %
100 USD
10 %
6 to 10
50 USD
10 %
11 & below
10 %

How to join the contest?

Register a Live Account and make minimum Deposit of 100 USD

Login into Client Cabinet and go to ‘Competition’ tab & click ‘Join Contest’

Choose to transfer 100 USD from any of your accounts and begin to compete!

Terms & Conditions

  1. This Contest is open for all traders and is using real capital to trade, all profit made or losses is on the participants’ accountability
  2. Client is allowed to open as many Contest account as long as there is sufficient capital for all the accounts but hedging technique to purposely boost single account winning is strictly prohibited and will lead to disqualification
  3. All participation and fund transfer must be made before the Contest begins in order to successful join the specific Contest, player that miss the timeline will have to join the next Contest.
  4. Every Contest will be held for 2 or 3 weeks accroding to the digital countdown clock, trades only allowed after the Contest period started as stated
  5. In order to secure the fairness of the Contest, all participants will begin with the same capital, any deposit or withdraw made during the contest period will auto disqualify the participant account and the contest account will convert to normal Standard Account for normal trading
  6. All trading activities is bond to the Business Agreement
  7. 10% Bonus will be deducted when the Balance is negative or the capital is loss entirely which ever come first
  8. When the Contest ended, FxCitizen will check all the top 10 ranking accounts for any trading frauds which will disqualify the fraud account or otherwise prize will be awarded according to the Ranking Table.
  9. All Contest Accounts will be converted to Standard Account once the contest period ended and clients can continue trade using the account normally.
  10. FxCitizen reserves the rights to decline or disqualify any Contest Account anytime in the case of revealing or suspecting any unscrupulous usage or abuse of the leak of the terms or system such as open a reverse or hedge positions in different accounts or different companies; arbitrage latency trading; tremendous 2 minutes scalping violation and etc. No evidence will be provided
  11. The result and decision made is final and unchangeable
  12. FxCitizen reserves the rights to amend the rules or cease the event without any prior notice and reason
  13. Client is responsible to read and understand the terms & conditions and it is compulsory to follow it


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