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I like their multi-level agent commission system, now that I been developed a team of fellow IB, I no longer need to recruit more clients myself but I focus to train up more IB beneath me and they will bring in more clients. As my fellow IB earns I earns as well, this is the correct system for building large affiliate network and profitable

King IB, Asia


Partner, Asia

FxCitizen ni mmg mantap, i pernah trade di byk broker, yg ni best bonusnya, byk kali capital sy sdh hangus dlm floating nasib ada bonus tahan margin tak sampai mc lagi, market reverse untung balik, steady broker ni tak macam lain yg kasi 100% tak blh pakai langsung. I sdh 6 tahun sama FxCitizen, rekomen rekomen!

Zulkifli Ahmad
Trader, Asia

Im trader with small capitalI and trade Forex for years, i tried many brokers but i love FxCitizen, thanks to this broker treats small trader us very kind, i can trade very small amount here down to 1 cent & with 1:1000 leverage and they can accept deposit as low as 10 USD only. wel gedaan!

Tumelo Mahlangu
Trader, Africa

This broker trade can very fast, my place internet not so good but i still can trade with their mobile platform, i manage to earn abit by trading for my living

Ospan Omirzakov
Trader, Asia

Good cashback system, i like it very much, hope you will raise the cashback amount, i already trade here for 5 years, best!

Junipen Girsang
Trader, Asia

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