Monthly Lucky Draw

Welcome to FxCitizen monthly Lucky Draw with total prize more than 5,000 USD for grab. Win yourself a ticket to participate in the lucky draw by making a single minimum Deposit of 100 USD, the order number of the Deposit and transaction made will be your lucky draw ticket that will be carried out on every first day of the month and randomly generated from the system. 

Is totally Cash Prize, not any credits! No restrictions to withdraw!! Your chances grow as deposit more…

Prize table

Standing Cash Prize Winners
Grand Prize
3000 USD
1 Winner
2nd Prize
1500 USD
1 Winner
3rd Prize
500 USD
1 Winner
100 USD
1 Winner
50 USD
3 Winners

How to win?

Make minimum Deposit of 100 USD to participate in the Lucky Draw for 6 months 

The Deposit deal number will be captured in the system according to the amount of Deposit

The system will randomly pick the winners every first day of the month and credit into the account

Terms & Conditions

  1. All account with single Deposit of minimum 100USD is eligible for a chance in the Lucky Draw for 6 months
    Example: If you deposit 100 USD in January 2021, then your account will have one ticket to participate in the Lucky Draw from January 2021 until June 2021
  2. Every 100 USD is valid for one ticket, you will receive more tickets for larger deposit amount
    Example: if you deposit 1050 USD in single deposit, you will have 10 tickets for the Lucky Draw
  3. Lucky draw will be carried out on every first day of the month
  4. The winners are randomly selected by the system, the drawing result is final and absolute
  5. Result of the lucky draw will be published on the company news
  6. The prize reward will be awarded into the winners’ account within 24 hours
  7. The cash prize can be used to trade or withdraw without any conditions
  8. FxCitizen reserves the rights to amend the rules or cease the event without any prior notice and reason
  9. FxCitizen reserves the rights to cancel the price reward or disqualify any account from participating in the case of suspecting or revealing unscrupulous usage or abuse of the drawing system; if revealed or suspected that the client opens a reverse or hedge positions in different accounts. No evidence will be provided
  10. By taking part in this Lucky Draw event, Client is assumed to have read and agreed with the terms & conditions stated above or otherwise, please email us to refuse to participate


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