Account Overview

FxCitizen currently provide 2 types of account to suit wide range of clients from beginner to professional and even business corporate. Choose wisely which account that is able work along with your capital and strategies by referring to the comparison table below. Nonetheless, we vow to offer the best we could in the industry.

Note that we had now merged the previous Cent Micro Account and Standard Mini Account into one single Standard Account but specialities from both sides still available in the new Standard Account

Subjects Standard Account ECN Account
Minimum Deposit
10 USD
100 USD
Maximum Equity
5,000 USD
10,000 USD
Minimum Order Size*
0.01 lots
1.0 lots
up to 1:1000
up to 1:200
Non-Swap Privilege*
Yes, with t&c
Deposit Bonus
up to 35%
up to 10 USD
Monthly Lucky Draw
Yes, up to 5,000 USD
Yes, up to 5,000 USD
Negative Balance Protection
Spread Type*
Fix and Floating available
Raw floating spread
Expert Advisor*
Broker Commission*

Important Notes

  1. FxCitizen reserves the rights to amend these specifications according to the current economy condition without any prior notice, the information on the MT5 platform supersede the information on the website
  2. Order size:
    a) Note that our 1 lot size in Forex is one of tenth from the market standard lot 
    b) Minimum order size is subjected to instruments’ specification
    c) FxCitizen reserves the right to adjust the minimum order size available for specific account according to the management decision
  3. Non-Swap privilege:
    a) FxCitizen offers non-swap privilege by absorbing the swap from our liquidity providers
    b) Non-swap privilege only applicable to Standard Account below 3000 USD Balance/Equity only
    c) Non-swap privilege only applicable to Forex products only 
    d) There are a Grace Period for the non-swap offer counting from the date the orders were opened, then the order will be accountable for swap after the Grace Period
    e) Non-swap privilege is not applicable for cumulative order of 25 lots and above
    f)  Swap of 2 USD per lot per day will be charged on orders that once held surpass 100pips counting from the date the positions were opened regardless the Grace Period
  4. Swap:
    a) Swap in Forex is defined as an overnight or rollover interest (either earn or pay) for holding positions overnight in Forex trading. It will be charged or paid according to the value indicated in the MetaTrader 5 platform (More update than website)
    b) Swap is triple on Friday calculating time which includes Saturday and Sunday
  5. Spread:
    a) For fix spread products, we will try our best to keep it fix all the time but however we do not guarantee it will not change especially during some out of control extremely high and low market volatility. No prior notice will be given and the Company will not hold responsible for any loss caused by widen spread at such situations
    b) For floating spread products, we are using exactly raw spread and price feed direct from the liquidity providers which means we do not and unable to control the spread for those products. Hence, the Company will not hold responsible for any loss caused by widen spread at any market conditions 
  6. Commission:
    a) Commission will be charged at the entry of the orders for ECN Account according to the table above
    b) FxCitizen reserves the right to charge 10% commission from the profits made by the orders that closed exceeded 100pips in profit. And so on, 15% for exceeded 200pips in profit and 20% for be 300pips in profit including Standard Account
  7. Restrictions:
    a) FxCitizen reserves the right to cancel any profits that are made within 2 minutes including rebate imposed especially during news release or extreme volatile market condition
    b) Arbitrage strategies in any way are strictly prohibited and all profits will be cancelled
    c) Stop out level is 30%
    d) FxCitizen reserves the rights to convert any account to ECN Account or vice versa without any prior notice or reason


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