• No Middlemen
    Spot currency trading and enable to trade directly with the market for the pricing on a currency pair
  • No commissions
    No exchange, government and brokerage fees
  • No Fixed Lot Size
    Traders decide his own lot size in Forex with minimum accounts as small as 0.01 USD
  • Low Transaction Costs
    The retail transaction cost (the bid/ask spread) might be as low as 0 pip under usual market conditions.
  • 24-hours Market
    Traders have time flexibility to enter the market as it is a 24 hours a day, 5 days a week market.
  • No Market Manipulation
    The market daily turnover is too huge for individual to control the market price for a period of time
  • High Liquidity
    Traders are able to instantaneously buy and sell at their will under usual market condition.
  • Leverage
    Trader can make amazing profits and at the same time, keep capital risk to a minimum by the permissible to manipulate a much bigger total contract value using a smaller margin deposit
  • Minimum Account Deposit
    Only minimum account deposit of 10 USD is required as “Cent Account” trading is available
  • Demo trading
    Free “demo” accounts to practice trading for beginners to improve trading capabilities before risking real cash, together with breaking Forex news and charting services