Important: French presidential election temporary trading conditions

21 April 2017, Jumaat

Dear Clients,

Please kindly note that the upcoming French presidential election on 23 April 2017, which may lead to possible price gaps. In preparation for this, FxCitizen will be taking the following precautionary actions to protect our clients and Company from the anticipated market turbulence during the referendum.

1) All SELL STOP & BUY STOP functions will be disabled and deleted effective from 21 April 2017 server time 16:00 (GMT +0) and resume available during market start on 24 April 2017.

2) Price SLIPPAGE is expected to happens, means stop loss would possibly occurs at a worse rate than originally set in the order which is quote as [sl/gap] in your trade comment. For better understanding, please refer to

3) If the Negative Balance is abused or done on purpose, balance will be transferred from the gaining account to offset the negative balance on the losing account.

We would like to urge all active clients to fund your accounts ahead of time to maintain margin requirements to prevent stop out of your active trades as increased margin requirement and wider spread will lower down your account margin level and may lead to stop out even though all your trades is fully hedged. Plan and revise your trades carefully especially on slippage. As always, we carry on by our commitments to our clients and assure you that all trading will be in accordance to our Client Agreement.

Please do not hesitate to contact our customer support if any question arise.

Best Regards FxCitizen