mobile cabinet

FxCitizen develops this Mobile Cabinet so that clients are able to manage their trading account anytime and anywhere by using mobile devices. The function of the mobile apps is to enable traders to manage their trading accounts, deposit and withdrawal functions, account profile, as well as to contact customer support immediately. Clients do not need to worry about carrying their laptop or notebook everywhere to keep track on their trading accounts. The mobile apps is available for Android users only because at the moment, we are awaiting for approval from the Apple Store.

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Mobile Features

Secure login to FxCitizen Member Cabinet 01
Register or open new Live Account 02
Upload required documents and verify your account 03
Request internal transfer between accounts 04
Alter account’s leverage 05
06 Deposit, withdraw and manage your funds
07 Reset account negative balance
08 Change or reset passwords and pin
09 Share your affiliate QR code
10 Direct interaction with FxCitizen

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