FxCitizen’s Deposit Bonus has been a signature promotion item since 2010, and now it still continues to roll due to popular demands. With this Bonus, client is able to trade with larger sustainable margin and the bonus eventually can be redeemed after the requirement is met. As shown from the video, our Deposit Bonus is able to sustain your floating trades even after your own capital is totally loss BUT to the extend of maximum of 100 USD only to prevent large negative balance and back debt to the company and all the Bonus will be cancelled at that point.

However, FxCitizen reserves the rights to refuse or cancel the Bonus at anytime according to the terms & conditions below, thus we remind clients that they shall read and understand the full terms & conditions before deciding which bonus to choose or otherwise, choose not to receive any bonuses.

This Bonus is only applicable for Cent Micro and Standard Mini account only.


100.00 to 300.00 35% Bonus x 5 lots
300.01 to 600.00 25% Bonus x 5 lots
600.01 to 2000.00 15% Bonus x 5 lots
2000.01 and above 5% Bonus x 5 lots



  1. Deposit Bonus is applicable to Cent Micro and Standard Mini accounts only and not allowed to be transferred
  2. Minimum single deposit of 100 USD is required
  3. Maximum total Deposit Bonus for a single account is 1,000 USD
  4. Total Deposit Bonus must not exceed 35% of the new account’s Balance during top-up Example: the new Balance after top-up 100 USD is 200 USD and the existing Bonus is 50 USD, thus 35% of 200 USD Balance is 70, thus only Bonus of 20 USD will be offered but not 35 USD as it has reached ‘Maximum Bonus 35% Cap’ and split deposit to gain more bonus is not allowed.
  5. Deposit Bonus can be withdrawn after the required volume of Forex transaction completed from the date of the Bonus was given and before it is cancelled. Client have to email to [email protected] to redeem the Bonus from Credit to Balance
  6. Deposit Bonus will be deducted proportionally or cancelled if the initial Deposit has been withdrawn. Profit can be withdrawn without limit.
    Minimum Withdrawal Equity Level = Total Deposit Bonus + Initial Deposit Made (For withdrawal)
    Example: If you have deposited 1,000 USD and received a Deposit Bonus of 150 USD, you must maintain your equity level of 1,150 USD when your withdrawal is being processed
  7. Deposit Bonus can be used to sustain floating positions even after the capital was loss completely to the extend of maximum 100 USD only and beyond that point the Bonus will be cancelled automatically. However, FxCitizen reserves the absolute rights to cancel the Bonus right away overriding the condition above when the capital was loss completely according to management’s decision.
    Example: An account of Balance 2,000 USD with 300 USD Bonus is now suffering floating of -2,050 USD, although in this situation the capital is actually completely loss but the Bonus help to sustain it until it go beyond the level of -2,100 USD, then the Bonus will be automatically cancelled and all trades shall be forced to close
    Note that this priviledge does not apply to account with:
    a) total trading lot of 5 lots and above
    b) had reached below 30% margin level
  8. Deposit Bonus will be cancelled if the account’s Balance is below zero or in negative balance
  9. FxCitizen reserves the rights to decline or cancel the Deposit Bonus anytime in the case of revealing or suspecting any unscrupulous usage or abuse of the bonus system such as tremendous news scalping activities; if the deposit is made right after the withdrawal; if open a reverse or hedge positions in different accounts or different companies which is strictly prohibited and profit, offset amount can be cancelled or transfer from the related accounts. No evidence will be provided
  10. By receiving the Deposit Bonus, Client is assumed to had read and agreed with the terms & conditions stated as it is ticked and signed during registration process or otherwise, please email us to cancel the Bonus. FxCitizen will not be held responsible for any losses caused by Bonus cancellation; late Bonus credit or no Bonus offered