Company News

Important: French presidential election temporary trading conditions

21 April 2017, Friday

Dear Clients,

Please kindly note that the upcoming French presidential election on 23 April 2017, which may lead to possible price gaps. In preparation for this, FxCitizen will be taking the following precautionary actions to protect our clients and Company from the anticipated market turbulence during the referendum.

1) All SELL STOP & BUY STOP functions will be disabled and deleted effective from 21 April 2017 server time 16:00 (GMT +0) and resume available during market Read in Full...

New Local Depositor Service in Brunei

08 March 2017, Wednesday

Dear Clients,

We are proud to announce that the Local Depositor service is now Available in beloved Brunei Darussalam by representative identified as ‘BN FREEDOM FINANCIAL’.

You may view the details of ‘BN FREEDOM FINANCIAL’ inside your member cabinet and it shall provide you with the best service possible.

Thank you very much

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FxCitizen Mobile Apps Cabinet Launched!!

24 January 2017, Tuesday

Dear Clients,

We are glad to announce that the FxCitizen mobile cabinet was officially launched, you may download ‘FxCitizen’ at Google Play store or Apple Apps store (coming soon).

You are now able to access your member cabinet and manage your accounts from your mobile devices anytime and anywhere.

Lots of new tools are coming your way in the first quarter of 2017

Thank you very much

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Important: Local Deposit Rate Adjustment for Malaysia Region

23 January 2017, Monday

Dear Clients,

This is to inform that effective from 1st February 2017 onwards, the Deposit rate for Malaysian Local Deposit will be increased to RM4.4 per USD.

For Withdrawal, 3 Scenarios may occur (withdrawal rate is always fix with the deposit rate that you made)

[1] Account that initially had Zero balance and had make deposit with new rate eventually withdraw with the rate of RM4.2 per USD

[2] Account with balance but never make deposit with new rate will be pai Read in Full...

Important: Local Deposit Rate Adjustment for Malaysia Region (BM)

23 January 2017, Monday

Para Pelanggan

Dimaklumkan bahawa bermula dari 1hb Februari 2017 nanti, kadar Depositbagi negara Malaysia akan dinaikkan kepada RM4.4 /USD

Bagi kadar Pengeluaran, terdapat 3 senario yang ditetapkan:

[1]Akaun yang tiada baki, dan deposit dengan kadar baru akan sentiasa dibayar dengan kadar RM4.2 /USD

[2]Akaun yang mempunyai baki tetapi tidak pernah deposit dengan kadar baru akan dibayar dengan kadar lama RM3.8 /USD atau RM3.3 / USD mengikuti kadar deposit yang dibua Read in Full...